James Launches Blog Around New Book Project


Photo Credit: James does not own rights to any of these photos. They are reblogged through photoblogging platform TUMBLR.

James is pleased to announce the launch of his newest blog built around his first book-length fashion project. The Black Power Lookbook is James’s ode to fashion history told from a fresh perspective that has never been written before. Here are his thoughts:

“I’m so excited about the launch of the Tumblr for the book. I’ve been working on The Black Power Lookbook for two years now and I think it’s the perfect time to launch the blog and hopefully use it as a promotional tool for the book before and after the release.”

Visit http://blackpowerlookbook.tumblr.com/ for iconic and new images of some of the subjects of James’ book. James doesn’t own the rights to most of the photos on the blog, a lot of them are reblogged from other Tumblrs, but each photo has a credit and title. In the coming months, James will be writing more commentary on each photo. But in the meantime, follow the blog for weekly updates of photos.


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