James to Design Capsule Collection for Luxury Brand


Partnerships are always a great way to do some promotion and branding. James’ story for Vogue Magazine on The Little Black Dress got the attention of a designer and after multiple lunches and business sessions, we are pleased to announce that James is designing a small capsule collection of little black dresses inspired by American cinema.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be doing this collection. They are such a strong brand, and I really respect the creatives behind the name. I hope to do well by them and make truly fabulous pieces.”

This will be James’ first foray into ready-to-wear. As a stylist, James is positive that he can design garments that will work but the design and fashion element is most important. James says that he hopes the collection will garner legit fashion acclaim. The capsule collection will include 8 dresses and will be sold exclusively on the brand’s website. Information on the brand will be released with press materials at a later date. As for inspiration, James has a few ideas:

“My inspiration is sexy siren on a mission of revenge. I’m dedicating it to a few special people in my life,” James laughs.


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