James for Circle & Square

James R. Sanders for Circle and SquareThe Styled by James team is pleased to announce that James R. Sanders has partnered with new luxury goods e-commerce Circle & Square to curate special items around fashion themes. The first was published today and it’s all about New York Fashion Week. All of the items are shoppable on the Circle & Square website.

“I’m excited to be working with the amazing people at Circle & Square. When I came across their site, I was immediately impressed by how awesome their products were.”

Here’s some info on Circle & Square directly from their website:

The name Circle & Square is inspired by the 1929 French Art Movement “Cercle et Carre´,” which supported emerging art and its transformative properties.  Echoing that impulse, Circle & Square was founded to bring a selection of the finest, most unique accessories by talented independent designers and artists to women with an individual sense of style. A web store soon evolved and most recently, the re-envisioned curated collection targeting forward, independent women with one-of-a-kind, limited edition accessories that go beyond the ordinary.

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