Introducing: Treachery – A Fashion Film Styled by James

Vogue_Italia_Editorial_Look02_225 as Smart Object_color copyJames most recently, had the opportunity to style a film and editorial around the idea of cheating in the 40s. Using New York and French designers, James, Scott Jung, and Scott Brasher, created an epic storyline with fashion as the big star. The film premiered on Creem Magazine’s website. Here’s the introduction below:

At the heart of treachery lies betrayal. That’s the inspiration for this editorial. Nestled in the most intimate parts of New York’s famed NYLO hotel, a husband and wife were both there but not together. Inspired by the 30s and 40s when the film noir genre began to take root and dominate in Hollywood, the wife seen here, as the blonde looks on subtly watching as her husband traipses around with a mysterious brunette who he seems to have known for years. Love is most beautiful when it’s at its youngest.

Her husband was once in love with her, but now, he looks at the other woman with the same eyes that were reserved for his wife. The stunning and vintage inspired backdrop of the NYLO was a perfect location for this shoot where love was shrouded in a deep mist of sex, betrayal, and most of all – treachery. – James R. Sanders

Check out the film below:

Treachery from CreemTV on Vimeo.


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