James for King

As we mentioned in an earlier news item, James has partnered with Full Beauty Brands, specifically King Size Direct to be their new ambassador. James takes their inventory and styles it to show big and tall men how to incorporate some of the trends of the moment into their wardrobe. “I hate that there aren’t that many options out there for big men,” James said. As a plus size male, James has always had to be extra-creative when putting together looks for himself.

Luckily, he gets a lot of practice when styling his clients which are every size from small to large. This is the first shoot, a small production with 4 looks. James shows how to wear suits with the print on print trend, the collarless look, and the shredded denim look. Head over to the James for King section of the site for purchase info. Here are the photos from the shoot along with a behind the scenes dedication video directly from James.

Blue Suit with Print on Print Trend James in separates, blazer, and slacks from Full Beauty wth shirt and scarf from James's closet (1) James in Gray suit with layering gray sweater and long tee James in DIY shrecded denim


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