BIG in Fashion for HuffPost

James in WranglerFashion Editor and Celebrity Stylist James R. Sanders partnered with millennial driven brand ASOS and Americana heritage brand Wrangler for his newest column BIG in Fashion which appeared in The Huffington Post on Friday. In the column, James writes about Big and Tall menswear and how it has evolved through surges of energy from popular new designers and brands.

Original photos styled by James feature the editor in trends from ASOS and Wrangler photographed by famed fashion photographer William Harper. In addition, a video has been produced with James as the subject waxing on fashion and what his big and tall style is. The video was shot by Zaynah Beth of

The BIG in Fashion column appears in The Huffington Post monthly and will feature original photos of James in trends from Big and Tall brands and fashion in larger sizes. Part shopperโ€™s guide, part advice column, BIG in Fashion caters to the fashion-centric big and tall man. His column can be read here.

Check out the photos from the shoot below:


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