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James R. Sanders decided to include his middle initial in his name after he first heard What’s the 411 and discovered Mary J. Blige in 1991. He saved his allowance and went to the store to buy the tape himself. He got to listen to it for a full 13 days before his grandmother took it because she didn’t allow anything other than gospel (and Billie Holiday on the weekends) to be played in the house.

My Life

Originally from Atlantic City, NJ and then Camden, NJ – James started as a writer. With internships at magazines and newspapers and then freelance and staff positions, James used writing as a way to open doors and create a new direction for himself. Fashion came later in college when he began covering local fashion shows. Later, he worked in production, public relations, and finally styling. There are three titles that accurately describe James: Fashion Editor, Celebrity Stylist, and Overcomer.

Share My World

Early on, James realized that his voice was different. His perspective formed from tragedy, pain, and then triumph had made him different from the other stylists and writers he’d admired in the industry. Everyone has a story, but James’ was unique enough for him to see that his path was going to be different. There was no guidebook for how James would succeed in fashion.  He would have to write and create everything himself.

The Breakthrough

“When I threw up my hands and realized that my steps were ordered, things started happening. And it wasn’t because the people around me had changed; it was because I realized that I was born victorious and just like true effortless style, I was going to always be in fashion!” – James R. Sanders

James credits creating resonating and soulful looks to his unique background and voice. He’s a contributing fashion editor at Vogue Italia, Glamour, GQ, and The Huffington Post. He is the host of Styled by James, a live talk show series that travels to cities throughout the country. As a celebrity stylist, he’s worked with the casts of: True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, Scandal, Luke Cage, and Queen Sugar.


James has worked with some of the biggest brands in fashion including: Chanel, Gucci, Monique Lhuillier, Givenchy, Dior, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Bergdorf Goodman, Gap, and Marc Jacobs – and each time still feels like the very first time.


He would one day, love to style Michelle Obama and his favorite singer Mary J. Blige.

James holds a BA in Journalism from Rowan University and an MA in English from Saint Joseph’s University. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @JamesRSanders visit his website at: www.styledbyjames.co

Follow James on his AMAZON Author page which logs some of his books here.

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People on James and Fashion:

In my 10 years of working with James, his skills in fashion have only multiplied and been cultivated and it has been a pleasure to watch. He is my go-to stylist for my fashion brand because he produces results! – L. Whitaker, NY

James is my fashion Guru. The one person I know that lives, eats, and breathes fashion. He’s confident, intelligent and knows what he’s talking about. He’s an expert at pulling pieces apart, and recreating them into more unique and admirable styles. When I’m looking to stun a crowd, I always think WWJC (What would James choose?). – J. M. Armstrong, Philadelphia

James helped me with a personal shopping and fitting for a special event I was attending. He did a great job and I was happy with the result. I am telling all of my friends to shop with James. He’s a great stylist. – S. Whiting, PA

I’m launching my own cosmetics brand and James helped with the fashion part of the marketing that goes into the entire plan. He is a creative thinker and visionary. – Fine Chynah Cosmetics

James has a great vision and is confident in his skill, but that’s not the best thing about him. The best thing about James is that he is willing to help anyone just like he helped me. My wardrobe will never be the same and I mean that in the best way. – Anne Horne, DE

Since using him the first time to style my wedding, I’ve suggested him to all of my engaged friends. But I’m proud to say that I’m the first to use him from my group. James didn’t coordinate the wedding, he wasn’t hired for that. Instead he consulted on everything from my wedding dress, to cut, fit, and the bridal party. He styles men too, so this especially came in handy because my husband had a lot of groomsmen. Overall it was a fabulous experience. – F. Sewell, NJ

James is incredibly talented and an asset to the fashion community. I’ve learned so much from his writing and appreciate his unique blend of the historical and modern. He has the ability to make his readers look at fashion as art. A shining talent! – B. Ellis, CA

James has a fresh and edgy sense of style and has assisted on me several occasions as a consultant. I am a petite curvy woman and he has worked wonders for me with some of the pieces he’s chosen. – T. Mitchell, NJ

James helped me pull together a striking look for a family member’s wedding. I’m more of a blend-in kind of girl, but James encouraged me to embrace my figure and helped me pull together a chic and show-stopping ensemble that was the talk of the reception. Not only have my own fashion skills increased since working with James, but so has my confidence to wear things I wouldn’t have considered before. James not only has a seemingly-endless wealth of knowledge about fashion, but he very genuinely cares about making every client feel and look amazing. Just outstanding. – Lauren, NJ

I received so many compliments on the dress I wore to my brother’s weddings. If you haven’t tried Styled By James, make sure you do! He took his time helping find the perfect dress to flatter my curvey figure. – Felecia W., Philadelphia PA



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