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James R. Sanders is absolutely thrilled to be announcing a new service he’s offering SHOP BY JAMES a personal shopping service for those who are too busy to shop – both MEN AND WOMEN. It isn’t for everyone, you know – shopping, that is. James’ first jobs were in retail and while his aspirations were a bit bigger, he’s always had a heart for the sales floor. James shops for everything and specializes in results!

“I love to shop. Actually, I have an addiction to shopping. Not everyone is as passionate about the art of fine shopping, so that’s where I come in. I want to help people by picking the perfect gift, or wardrobe for the office, the home, or the dream trip.”

So whether it’s a fabulous trip to Paris, or even a business retreat, maybe it’s a first date (which are always tricky), let James shop for you.

Here’s how it works:

Appointment Types

Closet Therapy – having issues with cleaning and organizing your closet? James will come in, take inventory of your garments and accessories, weed out the things you don’t want, and pre-style several looks for you from what you already have in your closet. CONTACT BELOW FOR PRICES

Shop for Any Occasion – no matter the occasion, James can take your measurements and then shop for the perfect look for the occasion. And James will shop for everything from the garments, to the shoes and accessories – James uses his styling skills to create the best look. CONTACT BELOW FOR PRICES Note: James works with a seamstress and master tailor who will alter your garments to get the perfect fit.

Gifts for Others – is it a birthday, or Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, James is a great gift shopper. Just meet with him, give him some background on the personal (likes and dislikes) and James will chose something memorable. CONTACT BELOW FOR PRICES

General Wardrobe – looking to update your wardrobe? Let James help. He can help with updating your wardrobe for the season giving you a new look for your new attitude.

NOTE: James will shop anywhere for the right clothing including high and mid-end fashion. James will shop at Aldo and Giuseppe Zanotti or Wet Seal and Saint Laurent. And James specializes in thrift and vintage shops. HE WILL HAVE DRY CLEANED FOR AN ADDITIONAL COST. If you have a preference, PLEASE SPECIFY IN CONTACT BELOW


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